Baptismal Certificates

baptismal certificate with precious baby dressed in baptismal outfit looking at teddy bear

A Baptism Certificate isn’t just a valuable keepsake, but also vital for record-keeping. It can be used as a legal document and will be needed if the child is going to attend private school. Having a baptism certificate professionally printed in Colorado helps parents remember the day of their child’s first sacrament and blessing for years to come. Baptism is such an extraordinary day for a child spiritual life and is the day they receive their first blessing. Since baptism happens only once and is so significant, it makes sense to create a certificate that captures the values and essence of your church. It doesn’t matter if you need a baptism certificate for a baby or adult, at RhoDESCO Print we have the selection you need.

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Baptism Certificates for Boys

With our blue designs and sophisticated font options, we can create a trendy baptism certificate for boys that encompass the style of your church and parish. The first of seven sacraments, baptism is an important day for your parishioners. That’s why we offer high-quality baptism certificates for boys. Help parents celebrate this special day for years to come with a custom baptism certificate from their church.

close up of chubby baby fingers holding a pearl Catholic rosary with gold cross

Baptism Certificates for Girls

Help parents celebrate the day of when their little princess was baptized at your church with our elegant baptism certificates for girls. Not all designs are created equally, but your publications in Colorado Springs feature high-quality materials with designer fonts. It will be a keepsake worth having forever.

Gender Neutral Baptism Certificates

Our timeless christening certificates provide the classic and personalized look you want. Help your church members commemorate the day with a baptism certificate in Colorado. Add a custom photo of your church and include all of the precious details to tell the story of this special day for years to come.

close up of a newborn feet, a gold religious charm clasped around the ankle. Baby is wearing baptismal outfit.

Spanish Baptismal Certificates

Help parishioners share their heritage and remember the day of their child’s baptism with a Spanish Baptismal Certificate. At RhoDESCO, we offer a full selection of high-quality certificates to complete the day. Choose your favorite church image or design and commemorate the occasion with a beautiful Spanish baptismal certificate from your church.

Adult Baptismal Certificates

For people that prefer to get baptized later in life or those that require a reprinted certificate, we offer a complete line of custom Adult Baptismal Certificates. These valuable documents are handy for identification purposes in place of the birth certificate. Help new and existing church members celebrate the special event, no matter what age they are.

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Our Lady of Guadalupe Baptismal Certificates

If your church or parish is a branch of Our Lady of Guadalupe, why not also provide baptismal certificates that encompass your unique church? At RhoDESCO, you will experience the high-end print of our baptismal certificates. Our high-definition printer and vibrant colors produce a quality baptismal certificate every time. The premium certificates are printed on gold edge leafed certificate paper to encase the vibrant blues and pastel reds of the Lady of Guadalupe.

Custom Printed Baptismal Certificates

You don’t have to stick to a generic design or template; at RhoDESCO we offer the ability to create a custom printed baptismal certificate tailored to your church or parish. If your church has a custom logo or you want to print the image of your church building or parish, we can handle that for you. Our expert printing staff handles the custom design of your choice. Just submit your design ideas to our team and we will print the custom baptismal certificate exclusive to your church.

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Unique Baptism Certificates for You

Church baptism certificates don’t need to look like everyone else’s. At RhoDESCO in Colorado Springs, we provide a full design of baptism certificates and custom keepsakes to fit your needs. If you don’t see the design and style you want, reach out to us for a custom order. At RhoDESCO, we pride ourselves in providing excellent products and services.