Church Marriage Certificates

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A church marriage certificate is a beautiful record of a couple receiving the sacrament of marriage. Often a wedding certificate from a church includes more information about the couple than one from the state. For instance, a marriage record from the state may only have the names and DOB of the groom and bride whereas a certificate and record from the church contains not only the couples information but information on their parents, residence, and place of marriage. Church records are great for ancestry.

Church marriage certificates are a beautiful way to remember such a significant day. When it comes time to create such an important document, you may want a custom design that encompasses your church and parish information. Rather than buying bulk, pre-made certificates, you could have some custom made with a design unique to your church. After all, it’s a document your parishioners will cherish forever and hope to remember for a lifetime.

Take a look at the extensive collection of church marriage certificates we offer in Colorado.

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Gold Foil Marriage Certificates

Document the special day with unique wedding certificates laced in gold. Our custom-designed gold foil marriage certificates provide the look and elegance to commemorate this special sacrament. Our color printers also provide excellent clarity and high definition print so you may want to include an image of your church or logo as a final touch.

Spanish Matrimony Certificates

For Catholic churches and/or bi-lingual couples, you may want to print in Spanish or place an image of the Virgen de Guadalupe on your churches matrimonial certificates. Our printers use vibrant color toners and non-acidic paper, so you get a clear image every time. We offer an extensive selection of Spanish Matrimony Certificates that feature the quality and appearance you desire. A wedding day is made even more perfect with these beautiful Spanish wedding certificates.

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Elegant Marriage Certificates

At RhoDESCO, our selection of Elegant Marriage Certificates in combination with an image of your church will be a lovely detail tailored to your place of worship. Our high-quality materials encompass vibrant colors, foil designs, and font that will speak to you. Our elegant marriage certificates are worthy of framing for a lifetime of memories.

Marriage Certificates for Family History

Marriage certificates are meant to be more than just a record of a wedding; they are meant to be shared with the couple’s children and grandchildren and last for future generations to enjoy. Church marriage certificates become a piece of the couple’s history from the beginning of their family tree. The only way to ensure that this document lives on in the future is to have it professionally printed by the experts. With high-quality materials, it’s simple to customize wedding certificates that match the beauty of your church.

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Custom Marriage Certificates

At RhoDESCO, we can produce any design you require and will work directly with your church till you have something your establishment will treasure. If your parish has a custom logo or image of the building you want to be included, we can take care of that as well.

Our custom marriage certificates are meant to be exactly what you need. Your church is one-of-a-kind, just like your wedding certificates should be. You shouldn’t have to search for hours to find a template. If you don’t see the design, colors, or text you require, reach out to the experts at RhoDESCO in Colorado to get the custom style you need. There’s no request too small or too large for us to handle. We want to help you print beautiful, custom marriage certificates publications made just for your church.

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